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A positive hospitable experience undoubtedly influences the success of your organization and contributes to your results. But where to start? It is a comprehensive topic in which your company can distinguish itself in different areas. As a partner in hospitality, we can support you and create the ultimate hospitable experience within your company. We can design and optimize the customer experience within your organization, (further) develop the food & beverage facilities, optimize the hospitable experience around meetings & events and audit the quality in implementation and improve it where necessary. Your business hospitality under control in concept and execution, so you can achieve maximum results. 



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Meetings & Events

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thf hospitality model2Every interaction, every contact moment, that people have with your organization influence their experience. This applies not only to external relations and clients, but also to your colleagues, the internal relations. It is stating obvious that a good, or even ultimate, hospitable experience adds to the loyalty of these internal and external relationships. Loyalty that translates to your results. It is interesting to realize that the customer experience starts with the first contact, with an email, with the first (online) personal meeting or during a telephone conversation. The customer journey starts from the first moment of contact. A journey in which hospitality can provide a positive experience that surpasses the expectations of the customers, in which the relationship with your organization is central.
Our goal is to create an optimal hospitable experience during all contact moments with all stakeholders, matching the identity and objectives of your organization. A customer experience well developed in a strong concept, and perfectly executed by your people, that is what The Hospitality Firm can do for your organization.

Afbeeldingen website pagina corporate..The cradle of hospitality can perhaps be found in gastronomy; food & beverage. The right food & beverage concepts, matching the identity of your organization, contribute strongly to the experience of your relations. In fact, it contributes to people’s health and well-being. And many organizations promote that health, vitality, is important. But how are the food & beverage facilities within your organization actually organized?
Good food & beverage concepts also have a strong social character and contribute to solidarity and team spirit. This applies to both internal and external relations. Think of a stylish espresso bar, really good coffee facilities, a restaurant where you can have lunch, and pleasant facilities during meetings & events. Absolutely the distinctive character for employees and something to impress your relations with when they visit your company. We can not only develop these food & beverage concepts, but also implement and execute with the right partners.

Afbeeldingen website pagina corporate.Meetings & events are an important part of how relations experience your organization. Many meetings, presentations, pitches, network meetings, symposia and conferences are organized. Especially with a business character, but also events with a more festive theme. But is a room with a beamer and a pot of lukewarm coffee really the best we can deliver? Certainly not! Especially meetings & events offer an excellent opportunity to offer a positive and superior customer experience. The Hospitality Firm can design a suitable experience based on your identity, standards and values. Performed by enthusiastic people from your own organization or by flexible partners. When the complete customer journey is designed, all contact moments are performed hospitably, and the experience reaches a superlative level, we test the quality. Not once, but over a longer period, so that we can guarantee quality in execution.



“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second.
When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.”
- Albert Einstein -

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