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We are The Hospitality Firm, thé partner for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, because we like to join in the business. Why? It is in our DNA, we live for hospitality. The hospitality industry is a craft in which entrepreneurs are constantly engaged, often with the operational side of the business. And rightly so, because that is also where you want your guests to experience an ultimate feeling.


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We believe there are four elements in business that form the foundation of the company: the operations, your team, marketing and the financial aspects of your business. These four areas are always the starting point for our services. The elements are inseparable and always influence each other. That is why we always work in relation to the business elements and in the interest of the objectives. The objectives differ in content for every entrepreneur. A starting entrepreneur has different priorities compared to, for example, an entrepreneur who already has several businesses. We can support you at every stage of entrepreneurship. From concept creation, realizing a solid business plan, to supporting in one or more business elements implement in practice.




We develop innovative hospitality concepts.


We make efficient business plans.


Together we execute solid plans.

Afbeeldingen website3...We build hospitality concepts from scratch, around the desired operational ambitions of you as an entrepreneur. First, we start mapping the frameworks together so we get a good idea of what the objectives are. Then we start, with a lot of creativity, to shape the ideas into a total concept. The concept includes a graphic design of the operational basics. Think about the design of the company, possible routing, composition of the range of products with an initial price calculation, look & feel of the presentation, mood boards to show the atmosphere and a first step in creating a team. When there is no specific location  available yet, we can find the most suitable location based on the concept and where we can realize the concept together. 


Afbeeldingen website2.Once a strong concept is created, we can write a business plan in which we work out the concept in detail. We always do this on the basis of the cohesion of the business elements ‘operations’, ‘people’, ‘marketing’ and ‘finance’. This turns the concept into a solid and feasible plan, that can be used to inform internal and external parties, obtain financial support and/or to apply for the necessary permits.
Writing a business plan can be a time-consuming task because it challenges you to think about important details at an early stage. But it ensures that you can tackle many challenges as early as possible and that you are well prepared. At The Hospitality Firm we have a good structure for a business plan available and the necessary experience with writing them.

Afbeeldingen website2..A complete business plan is the strong start in realizing your hospitality concept. It provides a realistic time frame of the planning and a clear overview of all things to do, so that you don't forget important topics to prepare. Together with involved partners, such as a contractor, interior builder, and all suppliers, we literally build the company. When necessary, we have a wide network of reliable partners with whom we work smoothly and efficiently. And once everything is settled, we can receive guests. The Hospitality Firm can also support in the implementation and execution of the concept, so that you as an entrepreneur are not alone. We are honored to be your sparring partner and to help you to achieve a profitable business. Naturally, our services are not only for new hospitality concepts. We also offer solutions for existing hospitality companies in optimizing the operations, HR, marketing and financial results.

Within the operations, we look at the current situation and the desired targets. Keywords are efficiency, effectiveness and innovation. How is the current design and look & feel of your concept? How can different processes such as purchasing, communication and guest contact contribute to results? Is there a strong collaboration with suppliers, the neighborhood and partners? We can look at your operational structure with a fresh pair of eyes and implement our concrete advices.


Your people make the difference! Do you have a steady team? Do they treat guests the way you like? How is the team spirit? Do your employees feel happy at work and also in their private situation? Are they actually satisfied with their work and development opportunities? All kinds of issues we can help you with.


How do you ensure that people find your business and that it is fully booked every day? Marketing is about positioning. Is your corporate identity still up to date? Are you using the right communication channels? Do you know what the market is doing and what is happening nearby? Do you respond to the wishes and needs of your guests and can you even exceed expectations? The Hospitality Firm is the right partner for Marketing insights.


All the elements must fit within the financial capabilities of the company. Are you good with numbers? Do you have a clear overview of all financial matters? An investment budget, financing plan or an operating forecast are essential. You can leave this kind of work to us so you can focus on the things you really like to do.



“If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” - Albert Einstein -

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