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Designing and setting up Bars and Restaurants as entrepreneurs is how The Hospitality Firm once started. With the necessary experience in developing successful hospitality concepts we were able to make our profession out of our passion: developing creative hospitality concepts. Besides small-scale ventures, we have also developed and managed large-scale projects such as hotel companies and food halls. Curious about examples in practice? Take a look at our portfolio of clients and partners.   

"Hospitality, what a business!"

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well thought concepts.

The cradle of hospitality lies in our profession. Besides hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, take away & delivery concepts have also taken off. Not only driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also by the demand of guests to create a gastronomic experience with comfort at home. Because every type of business in the hospitality industry has its own character, we always develop concepts with their own unique distinguishing features. Key words that we like to apply in the development of concepts are craftsmanship, authentic, responsible and effective.    


Managing bars, restaurants and small-scale catering businesses is successful when you are a proactive entrepreneur. Continuously responding to local developments and ensuring an independent, healthy operation are the best and most dynamic parts of being an entrepreneur. With good systems and a grip on results we offer support where necessary.


Interested in our working method? Download our infographic below and contact us. We're more than happy to meet you and to discuss a collaboration.

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