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We build hospitality concepts "from scratch" around the operational ambitions and objectives. Together, we first map out the operational framework and get a good idea of what the objectives are. Then, with a great deal of creativity, we set to work on shaping the ideas into a well thought-out concept. The operational concept includes a graphic design of the implementation. Think of the right atmosphere in terms of furnishings with durable materials, efficient routing, the composition of the sales assortment, look & feel of the presentation, and extensive moodboards to reflect the atmosphere.

"Hospitality is attentive attention for details."

- The Hospitality Firm -

well thought concepts.

Once there is a strong operational concept, we make a business plan in which we elaborate the concept in detail. This makes the concept a strongly substantiated and executable plan. This plan not only provides a realistic time frame and clear planning, but can also be used to inform external parties, for example when obtaining financing and when applying for the necessary (catering) permits. Working out a solid business plan challenges you to think about important details at an early stage, so many obstacles in the run-up to launching the concept can be avoided.


At The Hospitality Firm, hospitality is attentive responsive attention to people and the distinguishing feature is in the details of hospitality in execution and in concept design. Every concept has its own unique operational implementation. That is why pro-active management, entrepreneurship and consistent control of the operation is a part where much can be gained.


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