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Well-developed and strongly implemented concepts in hospitality always contribute to results. We look for results in guest satisfaction, but of course also in efficiency and profitability. A well-founded concept has a realistic financial plan with ambitious goals. We build the financial plan on the basis of an operating budget that we give specific content on the basis of the concept and its objectives. This way we take into account different scenarios and avoid surprises afterwards. 

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough yourself."

- Albert Einstein -

well thought concepts.

The operating budget of a concept is a guideline in the strategy, both operational and in HR and marketing. Our operating budget has a forecast in which the monthly financial targets are clearly stated. These objectives are the KPI's that give a quick insight in the progress in terms of turnover, cost structure and with that the profitability. It also provides insight into the ambitions in the longer term and investments are included to keep expectations clear. In this way, for example, financing can be properly substantiated and the risk profile can be clearly mapped out. 


By testing the actual financial key figures against the forecast, adjustments can be made quickly where necessary in the operational implementation of a concept. Administrative and financial systems are efficiently set up with clear dashboards so that real-time results are clear. This way we keep a grip on the result.  


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