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People make the difference. That is why the right team composition within a hospitality concept is a crucial part of the success. A team that complements each other and is always there for each other is a team that can deliver a distinctive service level to guests. The composition of a team starts with a job matrix in which roles, responsibilities and synergy come together. From the job matrix, we provide insight into the HR policy, with a focus on the personal development and growth of people.

"Don't put your energy into things you have no control over."

- The Hospitality Firm -

well thought concepts.

People who do what they really like to do are the people with whom you can build success. That is why an apt recruitment and selection of the right people is the first step towards a successful concept. Once people are on board, personal development and growth is key. Not only individually, but also as a team. Based on this, an active policy can be applied to keep employees satisfied, both personally and professionally.   


Managing a company starts with effectively managing the team. Making clear agreements, realizing goals and challenging each other are factors that are at the basis of being successful in a transparent way. This applies not only to business success, but also to personal success and thus satisfaction.   


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